Aquage.  The secret is in the sea.  Gently harvested from coastal waters around the globe, algaeplex combines the healing, nutritive powers of eight different, organic seaweeds and algae, each carefully selected for their curative properties.  The sea botanicals are washed, sun-dried and put through an extraction process to obtain the maximum concentration of actives from each plant.

Actives are rich sources of proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamins.  Ormagels are made from the extract of three seaweeds with an affinity for keratin, which increases hair’s moisture retention, body, strength and elasticity.  Ascophyllum is rich in sulfured amino acids that build hair’s inner strength.  Also rich in natural anti-oxidants, it protects hair against environmental stress as it helps remove or chelate damaging pollutants.  Irish moss is rich in fatty acids and sorbitol, making this legendary sea botanical excellent for providing moisture to hair and scalp.  Neptune kelp also helps hydrate the hair, creating a protective barrier that locks in moisture.  Its antiseptic properties are also beneficial to the scalp.  Dulse is a nutrient-rich algae, an excellent source of B vitamins, essential to healthy hair and scalp.  Particularly beneficial is vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid, known for its conditioning and body building qualities.  Wakame, harvested from the coastal water of Hawaii, brings the anti-oxidant vitamins, A, C and E, which scavenge free radicals caused by air pollution.  Wakame is also a good source of moisture-rich proteins, amino acids and minerals. 

The exclusive algaeplex ingredients bring the healing powers of the sea to each formula.  Our fresh, clean, sea-inspired fragrance invigorates the senses and calms the spirit. Immerse. Aquage.

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